Area of Specialization – Hydro Power plant

Control panel at 2x4 MW plant in Telengana

PLC panel and HMI at 3x12MW plant in Himachal

Rockwell SCADA @2x2.5MW plant in Ilam, Nepal

Electrical Panel Design on EPLAN of 2 x2 MW, Peru

Schneider Line Prptection Relay testing at MW, Nepal

2x4MW plant in Ilam, Nepal

  • Commissioning and Automation on Contract basis to OEMs for all three type of turbines- Pelton, Francis and Kaplan.
  • Electrical and Automation consultancy for Hydro power plants ranging from 0.5MW to 50MW.
  • Design and Engineering for Panel builders and OEMs for Turbine and Generator Control panel.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Parts Supply.
  • Testing and Calibration of Protection relays and Measurement devices at Generator, Transformer and Line protection relays at Plants and Substations.
  • Manpower training for managing plant and O& M services.

RTA Area of Specialization – Hydro Power plant

  • Over 30+ Hydro Projects Electrical and Automation done in India, Turkey, Vietnam, South Africa, Nepal, LATAM
  • Experience on ALL Governing PLC’s and SCADA
  • Experience on protection relay settings and AVR settings and commissioning at site.

Rockwell FTView SCADA at 2x4MW Francis turbine in Ilam, Nepal.

PLC, Governor and SCADA expertise

AVR : ABB- Unitrol

Siemens SICAM RTU used by Flovel and Andritz OEM

DEIF governor used by Flovel, BFL, Mechamidi (HPP)

AB PLC governor used BFL, Mechamidi (HPP) & Schimmer

SE Generator, Transformer and Line protection relays