Product Features

Prepaid Meter

  • Meter BIS standard - IS:13779.
  • Meter accuracy class< 0.5
  • Detects Dual source power supply. Operator Alarm when DG sensing signal is missing.
  • Cut off power supply when balance run out, overload and tamper.
  • It has friendly hours function.
  • Low credit alarm
  • Flexible Tariffs: 8 tariff registers available for configuration.
  • Partial Load: Each phase load control possible.
  • AES 128 Encryption for balance recharge.
  • Event Log : Token, recharge amount and tampering events.
  • Tampering functions : Meter Cover open, detected magnetic field, Neutral missing, Bypass, DG signal missing.

In Home Dispay Unit

  • IHD provides remote access to metering data for Energy monitoring.
  • Keypad for entering 20digit recharge token.
  • Provides user friendly display and easy distinguish between Grid and DG Power Supply.
  • Alert on low credits and tampering.
  • Wired Communication :2 pair 2 Core telephone cable for Meter to In Home display.

Signal Generator Device

  • Installed in LTAC panel and given Grid and DG supply.
  • Based on the input power supply available generates two frequency for Meter
  • Meter records Grid KWh and DG KWh based on available frequency.
  • If no frequency available on meter. Then tamper is recorded.

Data Concentrator Unit : For AMR operation.- Wirele

  • Operates on RF mesh technology with bandwidth in sub GHz 865- 867MHz
  • 1 DCU is required for 100 meters. It can be installed at any floor in electrical shaft.
  • Upstream communication : GPRS or Internet.
  • 8GB data storage capacity providing 100 % data availability (AMR) at sever.

Vending, Billing and Facility Management Solutions

Energy Billing information

  • Monthly billing: Complete transparency on breakup of Energy bills and Maintenance bills.
  • Running Hours of DG and Mains Supply is provided
  • Real time data monitoring with time stamps to know any tampering of any energy meter.
  • Bill recharge possible through RWA office and also from Mobile App.

Facility Management information

  • Notices: Important information Reaches your inbox, every time
  • Complaints Management: Track and resolve resident complaints, efficiently.
  • Events: Bring everyone together, to celebrate or to solve issues.
  • Vendor Management: Manage vendor contacts, invoices & payments effortlessly.
  • Directory: Reach out to RWA, fellow residents & Emergency contacts.
  • Account management: Manage Bank accounts and petty cash, painlessly.
  • SMS/Email Broadcasts:  Send Important announcements and reminders, instantly.
  • Payment Gateway: Pay/ Collect maintenance dues online, hassle-free transactions

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